Mahindra launches Yezdi motorcycles website – What’s it all About?


Yezdi Motorcycles may start a new session soon

If you are a kid of 1980s, then you would have never forgotten about the Yezdi motorcycles. The stance of the motorcycle just reminiscent the cheetah. The Yezdi is noted for the double exhaust, 2 stroke engine with the attractive exhaust sound.

Mahindra purchased Jawa last year and also owns the rights towards the Yezdi motorcycles now. Also, Mahindra leaked the plan of showcasing Jawa motorcycles in the upcoming motor shows and now the relaunch of the may confirm the entry of the Yezdi motorbikes again.

Yezdi motorcycles

Recently, in a social media, Mr. Anand Mahindra mentioned on the lively yezdi website. In that, he did not hint about the launch and sales plans, but it can take the launch of the Yezdi motorcycles somewhere near in the year 2018-19.

Mahindra also lately gained alliance with the Jawa motorcycles and the recently launched Jawa 350 OHC in the Czech can get through the India via Mahindra help.

Yezdi motorcycles

With this, the Classic legends have also planned to bring some of its products with the Jawa alliance. Soon the motorcycles of the respective brands are expected to be available in India.

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