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Yamaha R6 2017 Price in India, Top Speed, Images, Infographics, Overview

Yamaha R6 2017 Price in India, Top Speed, Images, Infographics, Overview


Yamaha R6 2017 Overview

Yamaha R6, which is an alluring and electrifying treat to the racers, took more than a decade to reach the point of today’s and stuffed with significant advanced technologies. It was in the year 1998, when Yamaha first initiated and delivered the YZF-R family to the world. Followed by the fostering of R1 (main pillar of Yamaha), the Yamaha R6 was introduced in the next year.  Yamaha has recently opened the cover to show the 2017 model YZF R6, which is a born racer. Though, the Yamaha R6 may be on the expensive side, the younger versions like R3 and R25 can be considered buying.

Yamaha R6 2017 infographics
torque-max.com_Yamaha R6 2017 infographics

Outlook and design

Wind Cheater of Yamaha R6

The 2017 Yamaha R6 is immediately celebrated for the air duct situated between the front focused lights. The ultimate sense of aerodynamic structure was forcefully applied, sharping the Yamaha R6 to gain 8% more aerodynamic nature for an outstanding ride. The air duct obeys the Ram-air intake tactics, where the wind blast is easily digested to stay stable and move forward to achieve Yamaha R6 top speed.

Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 Racing Fairing

The sharp and shiny front fairing of the Yamaha R6 is built layer after layer, that streamlines the external pressure, which pulls the R6 back. Yamaha uses a special technology to design the front fairing well know as cross-layered design.


The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle and Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake combination is the Yamaha’s special ride-by-wire system. Never think twice for even a microsecond to demand power from the R6 – the electrical signals passed to the Electronic Control Unit simply shoots the rider to fly swiftly. The company claims that the Yamaha R6 mileage is governed through the special fuel injection system.

Butter smooth Slipper Clutch

Matching the Yamaha’s own racing force performance, the Yamaha YZF R6 2017 is supported with the top notch slipper clutch, which supports the rider to continue with his racing attitude. The down shifts of the gears drops a piece of butter into the honey pot.

Rapid Butt

The Yamaha R6 rider seat is made flatter and dynamic for sliding the hip of the rider to extract the full knee down on attacking the corners with ultimate stability. Trending to the seat style, keeps the riding excitement on a long road.

Yamaha R6

Inspired from R1M

Most of the feature of the 2017 R6 is derived from the source of R1M patent. It is even almost same of all aspects and the physic of the Yamaha R6 merge closely to the Yamaha R1 and R1M. The following image contains the combination of R6, R1 and R1M models, for the close call of the three legendary motorcycles. Check out yourself to spot them with the respective names (For identification see below).

Yamaha R66 level Traction Control

To dominate every road and regardless of the condition, the sharp R6 is stuffed with the safety 6 level traction control to backup the grip on the asphalt. Yamaha claims that the traction control system is clever enough to regulate its level of safety based on the changing diameter and tyre grip. The six levels are friendly to be selected in riders choice.

Aluminium Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the Yamaha R6 2017 is made with full aluminium character, supporting the motorcycle in the point of mass centralization and weighs less of 2.1 Kg.

Yamaha R6 Suspension and Braking

The thicker 43 mm Kayaba forks and the all new 4-piston monobloc caliper is a powerful bite to drop the anchor to stop the R6 with smooth duty on the front fork. The selectable R6’s D (drive)-MODE (Standard, A and B mode) divides the ride as per the requirement of the rider based on the performance is on the race track or street.

Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 2017 Price in India and Availability

The R6 is expected to launch by the end of march 2017. The Yamaha R6 2017 Price in India is a crucial point for the product that how Yamaha is going to handle. As the motorcycle includes many futuristic features from the elder R1M, the price may be slightly on the heavier side.

(Note: Image 1 – R1M, Image 2&3 – R6 and Image 4 – R1)


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