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Yamaha R25 Price, Top speed,Review, Images, Mileage

Yamaha R25 Price, Top speed,Review, Images, Mileage


Yamaha R25 – Overview

This is an exclusive racing treat and loads of roses on the Yamaha lovers to see the distinct Yamaha R25 (Yamaha YZF-R25) on the road soon. The domination of Yamaha motorcycles through their racing super sport models and track oriented performance is always their specificity. Starting from 125 to 1000 cc, the Yamaha maintains its potential rival in all segments.

The Yamaha R15 has already revolutionized the market and tends to continue in the same way against its rivals. Though, the Yamaha R15 has all its advantages, on the other hand has a few things to be sorted out. The Yamaha R25 is the new racing beast that has taken into consideration about the satisfaction of all age groups and in all the aspects.

After the launch of Yamaha R25, it is going to hit head to head with Honda CBR250R, Suzuki GSX 250 and KTM RC 390.

Yamaha R25

Yamaha R25 Outlook and design

The Yamaha R25 is a mechanical shark with the top fin like fuel tank, sharp slicing tail and forceful front fairing. The appearance of the Yamaha R25 is very identical to the bigger R-series of sports bike with the purest form of racing DNA. Especially, the front fairing of the motorcycle with dual headlamp and a nostril between is a special character derived from the dawn, Yamaha YZF-R1M.

The graphics job is done neatly and limited, boosting the sharp edges of the R25.

The fit and finish of the motorcycle are exceptional and worth the money spent on the R25. The side mirrors of the Yamaha R25 can be folded up or down extensively, which is a new racing character. The tubular diamond frame helps the bike lose pounds and provide the light feel racing experience in corners.

The Yamaha R25 body is completely an example for the aerodynamics helping to tear the wind blast.

The exhaust of the Yamaha R25 is simple and up-to-date, which can also be changed using the powerparts of Yamaha. The exhaust alteration can make wonderful sound and boost the performance

yamaha r25

The step up seat this time will be comfortable and compact compared to the Yamaha R15. The pillion seat of the R25 is provided with a small space, where it could be utilized effectively. The front mudguard appears simple without special jobs, while the rear fender is neat and flexible for longer duty

Yamaha R25 Engine

The Yamaha R25 has the racing heart of 249 cc, twin cylinder, liquid cooled, 4-stroke engine. The smoothness of the engine is contributed by the DOHC, 8-valve set up. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gear box and the gear shifts are absolutely smooth and easy.

The 249 cc engine of the Yamaha R25 is capable of producing 35.5 BHP at 12,000 RPM of maximum power and a peak torque of 22.1 NM at 10,000 RPM.

Yamaha has incorporated some technology to improve the engine performance and durability of the R25. The directly driven crankshaft and the pistons are carbon coated for the smooth, vibration and noiseless engine. The engine offers reduced friction at low speed and improves instant revs even at higher temperature of 180 degrees.

Yamaha R25 Mileage and Top Speed 

The DOHC engine of the Yamaha YZF-R25 offers a smooth ride even at the higher RPM levels. The R25 can hit a top speed of 165 Kmph and can go even further, if the track is suitable and without interruption.

Yamaha r25 torque

The  Fuel tank of the R25 is almost 14.5 liter, which is good for the one time tank filling. The mileage of R25 is similar to its rivals gulping one liter of petrol to run 25-28 km. Very few riders get 30 plus kilometers on the 250 cc engine, and Yamaha should help boost the fuel economy.

Yamaha R25 dimension

The dimensions of the motorcycle measure about 2090 mm in length, width 720 mm and a height of 1135 mm. The seat height of 780 mm is comfortable for daily use and suitable for people slightly less than five feet. The wheelbase of 1380 mm is contributed by the longer YZF family swingarm, keeping the R25 stable and easily manageable.

Instrument console

The Yamaha YZF-R25 features an analog and digital attachment on a single frame obeying the R- motorcycles design. R25 employes analog Tachometer and digital speedometer, dual trip meter, fuel gauge, and odometer.

yamaha r25

The frame also contains indicators showing the activities like low fuel and low oil conditions.


The best part of the Yamaha is the stopping units being used to control its fast revved motorcycles. The Yamaha R25 is supported by a large single disk of 298 mm in the front and 220 mm disc at the rear. The holes on the disc units are efficient in heat dissipation and continues to keep the disc temperature down.


The Yamaha R25 suspension is very softer than ever before, as the bike is designed to satisfy both on the road and the track. Yamaha may use kayaba suspensions for the R25 or subject to change based on the sales location. The Telescopic forks of Ø 41 mm and the rear mono shock absorber keeps the ride smooth.


The crucial part for the Yamaha R25 is the tyres employed, as the traction matters are considered as essential ones. The tubeless 110/70-17M/ C 54S in the front and rear 140/70-17M/ C 66S are perfect for the R25’s racing instinct. The tyres will give the R25 a perfect mini super sport bike value.

Colours available

Currently, three shades are available – Race blue, Grey matter and milky white

Riding quality

This time, Yamaha has made the YZF-R25 lightweight, agile and be a super sport motorcycle to be enjoyed every time you ride. Yamaha claims that the R25 is made to attract a wide group of riders regardless of age and physic.

The uncomfortable touring experience on the Yamaha R15 is better addressed in the YZF-R25. The R25 is specially designed to have a better seat height and riding position, which is optimized for the daily use like a commuter. Overall, the Yamaha R25 is a friendly bike that can be used every day and in all conditions.

Yamaha R25 Price and competition

The rivals of the Yamaha YZF-R25 are Honda CBR 250R, Suzuki GSX 250R, Hyosung GT 250R and KTM RC 200 and 390. Though, each one of the motorcycles is special on an particular angle, the price point of view makes the buyer to go close to the one which is affordable.

yamaha r25Though, Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 gains more attention, their price is way too high, however has the best engine and power specifications. But, the Yamaha YZF-R25 with the price tag of ₹ 2,40,000 is seriously a game changer and the lovers of the Yamaha brand will surely fall for this beast. But, fixing the Yamaha R25 price closer to the CBR250R can definitely make the Yamaha to have another form of domination like the baby R15.

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