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Is it advisable to add a tube inside tubeless tyre?

Is it advisable to add a tube inside tubeless tyre?


Tube inside tubeless tyre…!!! Is it advisable…?

One of the significant advancement in the automobile industries, which is affordable and applicable is the tubeless tyres for the motorcycles. As all the theme has its own pros and cons, even the tubeless tyre do have. Instead of taking the question asked directly, we can think the other way.

tube inside tubeless tyreIt is not about, whether it is advisable to have a tube in a tubeless tyre or not. Rather, we can use the tubeless tyre using a tube inside as far as the tyre stays healthy.

The need of the tube inside a tubeless tyre comes necessary if the tubeless tyre gains lot of punctures and overnight leakage. Many of the tubeless tyre users have faced this, including my mate. The problem generally arises or aggravated not by the puncture, but the treatment done to seal the puncture. The needle loop used by the puncture man is inserted to seal the hole some time causes the tyre to lose its integrity leading to the bigger puncture. Sometimes, the material used to seal the hole is cheap, that the material may not have the quality to keep the seal locked (always demand or inquire about the quality of the sealing material to the puncture worker). The result is, the bigger puncture and air leakage over time.

tube inside tubeless tyreIs a tube inside advisable?

Is it advisable? Yes, it is. Especially, if the tubeless tyre gets repeated punctures and air leaks, it is advisable to add a tube inside the tubeless tyre, if the tyre is fresh enough to use. Though, the temperature, pressure and pneumatic stuffs of the tubeless tyre is mentioned, it still works stable with no changes and troubles.

Let me share my personal experience:

My friend Dr. S.R. Sathish Kumar faced the same problem in his one year old CBZ Xtreme. The tubeless tyre he was using had eight punctures, that made him trouble all the time that someone should help him come out of it. But, the tyre was fresh and had good grip marks all over, as it can be used for another 30K kms or 4 years more or less.

We approached many puncture shops, but everything resulted in the same repeated leakage. Also, we were suggested to use a tube or to change the tyre. But, the tyres was just one year old and it’s unquestionably fresh and new.

So, we decided to follow an idea. I got my Hunk that needs a tyre replacement that time. So, I took his 110/90/18 mm tubeless tyre and used my 100/90/18 tyre’s tube inside it (mine is conventional tyre & tube combination). Now, I have a new tyre without spending even a rupee. I have done more than 1000 kms, no issues regarding mileage, grip or about handling. Every this is normal as the motorcycle used to be on its stock tyre measurements. This is my personal experience and this tyre replacement was done before 6 months.

tube inside tubeless tyreI will add the picture of the tyre models for better vision. The red marks are the main two holes that caused air leakage even after the sealing with the puncture stuff. But, the tyre also has many punctures all over it than the mentioned ones.

tube inside tubeless tyreThe one am using on my Hunk is a tubeless tyre with my old tube inside. The other one is my old tyre, which I replaced.


Various factors, though considered, whether to use a tube inside a tubeless tyre or not, repeated punctures make the tyre to lose its integrity over time. However, incorporation of a tube inside a tubeless tyre manages well the situation, when the tyre is fresh and new. This may be a hack to save around 2k form your pocket to spend on buying a new tyre, while deciding to buy a tube of 4 times lesser than the new tyre cost.

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