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Triumph Tiger Training Academy on Adventure Motorcycling Guide

Triumph Tiger Training Academy on Adventure Motorcycling Guide


Triumph Tiger Training Academy

Adventure motorcycles are the special category of motorcycles that are loved by the off roading riders. To add more insight and skill about the adventure biking, the Triumph Tiger Training Academy offers the training session to wrap the riders with more riding skills and safety measures.

What is all about the off road adventure???, You say it is full of gravel on, do you feel it’s the marshy path to ride, feeling water logged trespass, want to explore forest and other green areas, no worry and issues, ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLES are the best and the only companion you can have ever.

Addressing the above said adventure motorcycling conditions, Triumph Motorcycles India at present organising a training academy for the budding adventure rides and the owners of the Triumph Tiger motorcycles in Aamby Valley in Maharashtra, India.

This is also can be a good boost for any person to acquire a Triumph adventure bike.

Triumph Tiger Training Academy training

The Triumph Tiger Training Academy was focusing on the Triumph Tiger 800 during the learning session. The participants were made to understand the tactics to be implemented and to understand the optional technologies that’s comes with the motorcycle as stock.

Generally, a day in the Triumph Tiger Training Academy starts with the idea and guidance of the pioneer rider and the training academy chief, Mr. Vijay Parmar. The riders were gathered in an informal classroom and were given instruction regarding the

  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Understanding the off road conditions
  • How to lift the motorcycle
  • The gear number to be engaged on the particular riding and other necessary points were discussed.

The session insisted on the quite significant points, that one need to be aware of before handling such a big bike (200 kg and more).

Tiger 800 XRx and Tiger 800 XCx off-road experience

The top model Adventure motorcycles like Tiger 800 XRx and Tiger 800 XCx were used during the practice of crossing water and other adventure lines.

Triumph Tiger Training Academy splashing water

Tiger 800 XRx and Tiger 800 XCx comes with the following options:

  • Different riding modes
  • Switchable traction control and ABS
  • Various throttle response on each map
  • Pre-set Off-Road map or Sport map for the Off road rides and more

The session was completely a learning package as the riders on the motorcycles were falling, rising, splashing muds, ditched the dirt, but eventually enjoyed and skill taught.

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Roshun Povaiah, Editor – Auto and Tech, The Quint, stated that,

“I am used to being off road, but only on 4×4 vehicles – that’s more my scene, playing in the muck with my off-road vehicles. As a rider, I’m more of a strictly-tarmac, cruiser rider. This was the ?rst time I’ve been on an off-road adventure like this, that too, on a heavy bike like the Triumph Tiger. But it certainly opened up a lot of possibilities, and I will go back from here, becoming a better rider,”

Triumph Tiger Training Academy on crossing water

The Triumph Tiger Training Academy concluded the session, making the rides feel more confident about the adventure motorcycle handling, especially on the basics to extreme roads.

The session also threw light on the safety accessories and things to have in mind while riding.


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