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Suzuki V Strom 250 – Overview

Drive inside everywhere, never worry about the road appearance and conditions. Have guts to even explore into the places of jungle with the power provided by the Suzuki. Storm the distance and do adventures with the new attitude, multipurpose motorcycle, the Suzuki V storm 250 that has recently been unveiled at the EICMA 2016. The Suzuki V Strom 250 is cleverly unveiled at the show as the motorcyclists will not only be amazed with by the presence of BMW G310GS. The V storm will compete against the Kawasaki versys and BMW G310GS in terms of adventure category.

The Suzuki V Strom 250 is expected to have a good pricing level, as the rival BMW G310GS will be produced locally collaborating with the TVS.  The V Strom 250 should be built through CKD method for India and expected to arrive in the mid of 2017.

Suzuki V Strom 250Outlook and design

Over a long time, one motorcycle that is designed to have a round headlight is the Suzuki V Strom 250. The attachment of the front fender and the visor is almost the same that is spotted on the big V Strom 1000 motorcycle.

The STROM signature on the wind tearing beak is attractive and similar to the Bigger V Strom.

The complete body of the Suzuki V Strom 250 is built simple and powerful without any complicated designs to be practical. The robust and plain structure keeps the rider to be in the peace of mind regardless of the journey path.

Suzuki claims that the top and side briefcase may come as a standard part for the V Strom 250, helping the rider expand his accessories. The box cases are removable while the hook to hang the boxes remains neat on the body.

The center stand provided is helpful at times, especially on checking the back case or on inspecting the motorcycle for flaws. The Suzuki V Strom 250 overall looks well-built and sharp to slide easily in any direction to have great off road experience.

Suzuki V Strom 250

Highly potential, lightweight exhaust

The exhaust of Suzuki V Strom 250 is a specially designed chamber and optimized for better performance. The catalyser lowers the exhaust emission and increases the acceleration. The side mount chubby exhaust also contributes for the pleasing engine sound.

Knuckle cover

The knuckle covers add beauty to the motorcycle on the other hand protects the knuckles from cold conditions and splashes

Rear carrier

The rear aluminium carrier capable of bearing 8.5 kg can really reward you to pack your extra things.

Engine of Suzuki V Strom 250

The engine of V Strom 250 is similar to the GSX 250 and Inazuma 250. The 248 cc parallel twin engine is capable of producing 25 BHP @ 8000 rpm and 23 NM of torque @ 6500 rpm. The engine is capable of performing well between low to medium range of torque to manage the urban traffic and crowded roads.

The fuel tank capacity of the Suzuki V Strom 250 is 17 liters and claimed to run at a stretch of 450-500 km on a full tank.

The mileage of Suzuki V Strom 250 is almost similar to the other 250 cc motorcycles, which is 25-30 Kmpl.

Digital console

The Suzuki V Strom 250 features a complete LCD instrument console for the easily readable figures. The frame looks absolutely modern and fresh. It includes digitalized speedometer, tachometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge and average fuel consumption. In addition, there is a room for gear position indicator, low oil indicator and a clock.


The most important feature for an adventure and touring motorcycle like V Strom 250 is the Up-side down forks. Alternatively, the V Strom uses the conventional telescopic fork in the front and the rear is supported by a pre-adjustable mono shock.


The Suzuki V Strom 250 is supported by the powerful single large petal disk brake both in the front and the rear. The ventilations on the disks help in faster heat dissipation. The braking system is also supported by the ABS system which may on later be an optional.


The alloy wheels of the Suzuki V Strom 250 are almost the same that is featured in the Suzuki GSX-250, which is a typical Suzuki design. The possible size of the tyres that might feature on the front and rear may be 110/70 R17 and 150/70 R17, respectively.

Suzuki V Strom 250 colours

The combination of colour scheme is available in V Strom 250 is Solid Dazzlin Cool Yellow, Metallic Diamond Red and Pearl Nebular Black.

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Image courtesy : indiacarnews

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