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Suzuki GSX-S1000 2018 Family motorcycles adds Extra BHP

Suzuki GSX-S1000 2018 Family motorcycles adds Extra BHP


Suzuki GSX-S1000 lineage upgrades in 2018

The 2018 model Suzuki GSX-S1000Z, GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F of Europe and United States region gets more power and assisted with the new form of slipper clutch. The form of Slipper clutch installed by the Suzuki is named as Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS).

In addition, the 2018 GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F also get the upgradation and take the new crankcase and fuel injection mapping.

Suzuki GSX R1000R

Suzuki adds new blacked out GSX-S1000Z to the existing GSX-S1000 lineage of motorcycles, which is approximately MSRP of $10,999. Whereas, the racing full faired GSX-S1000F is priced at $11,299.

When the color of the motorcycle comes as matter, only a single color is available in street fighter category, while on the other hand the GSX-S1000F is available in white and Blue/black shades.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R

Suzuki recently launched GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R in India, which is a flagship machine. The company included the techniques, that they lose the weight to reflect in the power-to-weight ration.

Suzuki GSX S1000F

Suzuki also include racing variable valve, Showa balance free big piston forks, Brembo brakes, Bi-Directional Quick Shift System, Suzuki Drive Mode, Traction Control System and Bridgestone tires are some of the remarkable parts taken place in GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R.

 A Special GSX-R1000R logos are added to the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R to shout loud about the SUZUKI’S RACING HERITAGE.

Suzuki GSX S1000

Powering the GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R is the DOHC, In-line four cylinder, liquid cooled engine. The engine can produce 202 PS @13,200 RPM and a peak torque of 117.6 NM @10,800 RPM of maximum power and torque, respectively.

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The improved throttle bodies, which is the part of the ride by wire assures the GSX family members to excel in the roads of choice.

Triton Blue and Metallic Mat Black are available for GSX-R1000 variant. Glass Sparkle Black and Metallic Triton Blue are the colors offered in Suzuki GSX R1000R

Suzuki GSX R1000R Blue

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