Royal Enfield Scramble Ride announced-Shimal, Himachal Pradesh


Royal Enfield Scramble Ride

A new format of Royal Enfield motorcycling has been announced form the company for boosting the adventure enthusiasts of India. The new setup of motorcycle ride is named as Royal Enfield Scramble and the first edition of the motorcycle riding is for the competitive team event, which is about to take place in the month of June 14-15 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Royal Enfield Scramble himachal pradesh

The growing likes of the adventure motorcycling in India made the company to launch the Himalayan, followed by the arrangement of the new Scramble ride. The RE Himalayan is more likely to engage the riders for the pure adventure and exploration manner of this Scramble tour.

The scramble ride will mainly target the customers who love the terrain and changing conditions. Touring becomes the most enjoyable and relaxing moment for the Royal Enfield customers, especially on creating and joining the community based rides and tours.

Royal Enfield Scramble adventure

Royal Enfield says, that the community still grows every year and it is a pleasure for RE to constantly support its customers. As an outcome, the Royal Enfield Scramble ride is taking place for the adventure motorcycling lovers and this is the first non-extreme ride arranged by the Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Scramble himalayan

The event is getting interested by the two-member team with two motorcycles with a separate category for men and women.

The team will be given various tasks in the four days and the winners of the event will be judged based on the Rally Time speed Distance.

Royal Enfield Scramble ride

The speed limit to be maintained and the road maps to be followed by the participants will be provided each day (totally 4 days event) and the participants are expected to stick to the rules as close as possible.

Royal Enfield Scramble team

The interested riders for the Royal Enfield Scramble ride can enroll their respective names in the RE official website, India. However, the ride is currently made reachable for the Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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