Motorcycles have become crime machines – gets Big Number Plate


Philippines motorcycles and Scooters get Big Number Plate

The motorcycles and Scooters number plate is to be made bigger for providing better visibility on roads, a new bill passed in the Philipines. Crimes, taking place in Philippines roads creates a huge impact on the motorcycles and Scooter riders, as the machines are used to commit crime and escape from the scenes easily.

According to Senator Gordon, out of 1,069 motorcycles crimes, 810 were killed in the year 2011, and 604 were killed out of 824 cases in 2010.

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Based on this scenario, a bill was passed by the Philippines Senate recently (Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017, approved by the Richard Gordon and Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III), ordering the two wheelers to have a bigger number plate that is even visible to read the registration number from 12 to 15 meters away.

motorcycles crimes

The pricking line he added, is “Motorcycles have become crime machines.” This is due to the advantage taken by the criminals over the small number plates, leaving the witness to have no idea about the registration numbers.

He also added “By increasing the size and visibility of the motorcycles plate to be able to read the plate numbers from a distance, witnesses and law enforcement agencies are aided in the identification of motorcycle riders who are involved in accidents or criminal activities.”

The Regional transport Office of the country is now on the operation in offering the specific colors, reflective number plates and the alphanumerical serial system for the quick and easy identification.

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