9 Things you may not know about the Honda Hornet 160r


Honda Hornet 160r

From the recent time of the Honda Hornet’s launch, the fatty performer is still receiving good comments and appreciations from the young riders. Though, there are some other potential rivals available, the Hornet has its own muscular body and a good set of performance packages. Let us see what are all some of the things that are spotted on a Honda Hornet 160r, which is really appreciable.

First Beauty

honda-hornet-160-featuresIt is a fact that, Honda Hornet 160r is the best looking motorcycle from Honda to the current scenario. Though the sporty CBR 1000RR, well known as Fire blade is under the Honda’s roof, the commuter segment motorcycles of Honda are really not up to the mark, thought appears decent. This time the scenario is changed entirely that the Hornet is an elite design to be felt fresh and new.

The muscle fuel tank, hefty body design and the aggressive street fighter look of the Hornet is definitely a storm. None of the commuter bikes from the Honda has the best look of the Hornet is just true.

Fat Boy Tyre 


The Honda Hornet is the best motorcycle when comes to rear tyre look. Though, the Yamaha FZ series of motorcycles and Suzuki Gixxer features the same 140 section rear tyre, the appearance is not the best as compared to the Honda Hornet.

The Hornet wears literally a fatty large rear tyre that the other rival motorcycles have a thinner appearance when viewed from sidewise.

Large Mill Less Production


The Hornet 160r is the best in class engine with better cubic capacity and horse powers than its rivals.

The 162.71cc, single cylinder, air cooled, 4-stroke engine of Hornet generates about 15.66 BHP @ 8,500 rpm of maximum power and 14.76 NM @ 6,500 rpm of peak torque. But, the Hornet is claimed to be less powered compared to the Suzuki Gixxer. Though, this point is absolutely subjective, the news continues to spread in the same way.

There may be a small power loss in the Hornet comparatively, but definitely reflects on the improved mileage part.

Spot in Darkness

Honda Hornet 160

Put hundred motorcycles together in the darkness even without a small lamp, apply the rear brake, the rider can easily locate the Honda Hornet with the elite X-shaped tail lamp. This is one of the best things of the Hornet that the conventional bored tail lamps are ignored.

One Red Switch

The most controversial part of the Hornet 160r is the missing engine kill switch. The fans of the Hornet ignore it, while the rival motorcycle owners point it out as a mistake. It’s a matter of fact that the rider, whether loves to press the switch or twist the key ignition.


9 Things you may not know about the Honda Hornet 160

The best in class brake system is owned by the Hornet, powered by CBS. The 3 pot caliper Nissin brakes with the set of front and rear petal disk brakes are the wonderful stopping powers. If the rider is specific about about the braking system, Hornet is the way.

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Copy of Unicorn

The engine installed in the Hornet 160r is almost the same in the Unicorn, but tweaked to gain more power and Torque. This is one of the reasons for the buttery smooth engine of the Hornet 160r, as the unicorn’s engine is refined from the year 2005.

Honda CB Hornet 160r headlight front view

The Stubby Exhaust

The square box shaped exhaust suiting well the entire look of the Hornet is almost the same that is featured in the Yamaha FZ. The mid ship kind of exhaust was first introduced by the Yamaha during the launch of the Fazer and FZ motorcycles.

Bland Key Design

The whole lot, design of the Hornet is attractive and has many advantages, but the ignition key looks undeniably tasteless. One can easily misunderstand by seeing the Hornet’s key that it belongs to 100cc motorcycle.

Even the gearless scooter of the present day has an attractive key while the Hornet misses out the flaunt.

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