Honda CBR 150 R 2017 Review, Price, Images, Mileage


Honda CBR 150R 2017 – Overview

The best contestant against the Yamaha R15 all time is the Honda CBR 150 and both the motorcycles are tract oriented and elite performers. Though, the CBR 150 constantly gives tough competition to the Yamaha R15, the attractive stance and sales figures were always more on the Yamaha R15’s side.

But, the scenario is getting changed, since the 2017 model Honda CBR 150R was launched recently in Indonesia, with the celebrities of the Honda Racing team. The Honda CBR 2017 is now no longer puny in any of the aspects, compared to the Yamaha R15.

The New CBR 150 2017 is totally a new edition in the history of the racing style motorcycles and can make the owner proud. The price of the CBR 150 2017 is expected to be marginally higher on a total of 1.60 lakh, approximately.

The new look and design

The immediate thing that attracts anyone is the dual sharp eyed headlamp, which previously use to be like the one seen on the Honda CBR250R (VFR model). The front triangular dimple and the sharp visor give the CBR 150 2017 a new sharp look, which is seen on the R15 figure. The full fairing shield gives the new CBR a racing instinct and appears modern, compared to the previous versions of CBR 150.

Another noticeable change seen on the CBR 150R 2017 is the top-notch seating position for both the riders. Honda has really paid attention to build the design to make the CBR 150 2017 to be closely associated to the race tracks.

The split step up seat design was a major missing part of the previous (2016) CBR models, but is a temptation factor on the Yamaha R15.

honda cbr 150The sharp rear section and the race bike seat design are a big plus for the new CBR 150. The rectangular short exhaust is now grown longer and higher with the boxy outlet hole. Overall, the new CBR 150 is more charming than before and can be released widely by the time of R15 V3’s launch.

Engine specifications

The engine of the new CBR 150 do not face huge changes in the engine department. The 149.16 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve engine powered by the fuel injection system gets electronic control unit.

The engine is tweaked slightly to produce 17.1 BHP @ 9,000 RPM (previously 17.58 BHP @ 10,500 RPM) of maximum power and 13.7 NM @ 7,000 RPM (previously 12.66 NM available @ 8,500 RPM) of peak torque. The mill is connected to a 6-speed gearbox and the mileage figures may remain same.

New Truss Frame & Aluminium Engine Hanger

The innovative TRUSS FRAME with the ALUMINIUM ENGINE HANGER is rigid and weighs less helps the Honda CBR 150 2017 shred pounds offering a thundered performance on power to weight ratio and fuel economy department.

honda cbr 150

Honda CBR 150 Top speed and mileage

Honda has made the 2017 CBR  look different externally, but remains close to the engine specifications of the available model. This in turn is expected to have the same top speed and mileage figures. The CBR 150 2017 can easily reach a maximum speed of 125-130 kmph and mileage of 36-41 Kmpl overall.

New CBR 150 Digital device console

The CBR 150 2017 edition gets a complete digital console. The tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and odometer get the digital readings and are easily readable.

honda cbr 150

The digital cluster also has space for Neutral, High beam and side indicators.


The braking units of the CBR 150 retains its current measurement. The 276 mm disc in the front and 220 mm single disk at the rear holds the new CBR to the control and stops at the point of accuracy when applied, though lacks ABS. The disc units and the shorter wheelbase are expected to be compact for the braking.

Honda CBR 150 Suspensions

On the front, the new CBR 150 manages with a set of telescopic forks and the rear side is powered by a new pro- link approach.

The single mono shock absorbers is coupled to a swing arm via, a spring and linkage called pro-link, which helps the small road and worst conditions to be handled at ease. This system also maintains the center of mass.


The grips are on the asphalt is managed by the front Tyre 100/80-17 and rear 130/70-17 tubeless MRF tires. The tyre noises are never felt and Michelin or Pirelli tires would be more appropriate on the CBR 150 2017 edition.

Honda CBR 150r colors

The shades offered by the Honda are improved this time and the graphics job on the CBR body is well done. Currently, the Honda CBR 150R 2017 variant is available in Pearl White, Racing Red, Moto GP Edition and Ebony Black.

Inclusion of new features with competitive price and decent mileage value can make the 2017 model CBR 150 to reach a new height.


honda cbr 150


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