Kolkata Police Features 5 Harley Davidson Street 750 cc Motorcycles


Kolkata Police owns Harley Davidson street 750

The Kolkata state police adds Harley Davidson street 750 in the department. The selective models of the Harley Davidson motorcycles of the department were featured first on Independence Day 15th of August.

Totally, five units of Harley Davidson street 750 were purchased for the department two months ago. The currently used Royal Enfield motorcycles will continue to serve, while the newly added member becomes the special for the Kolkata police Department.

Kolkata Police owns Harley Davidson street 750

The five Harley Davidson street 750 motorcycles will be used only in the special event and will not be used on a regular basis.

As reported to NDTV, V. Solomon Nesakumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Department, said, “We have 5 Harley-Davidson Street 750s and they were bought around two months ago by the Kolkata Police Department for ₹ 5.5 lakh each. The bikes will primarily be used for ceremonial purposes and they were first showcased on the streets for the first time on the 15th of August which marked our Independence Day celebrations. We are happy that we are getting a lot of attention thanks to these bikes and there are a lot of people now talking about it.”

Kolkata Police owns Harley Davidson street 750

When asked about the maintenance of these motorcycles, The Deputy Commissioner of Police said, “Well, they will be used on special occasions like a carnival, parade or even Presidential visits and so we might not end up using them a lot, therefore, we have made a roster for its maintenance.”

The street 750 has a 749 cc v-twin engine, which produces 59 NM of maximum torque at 3,750 RPM and uses the fuel system of Mikuni Single Port Fuel Injection, 38 mm bore. The engine is mated to the six-speed gearbox.

Kolkata Police owns Harley Davidson street 750

Let’s see the Kolkata Cops wearing the Harley Davidson pattern on the special occasions and offer a majestic look.

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