BMW HP4 Race price in India, Top Speed, Specs, Carbon fiber (2017)


BMW HP4 Race review

BMW HP4 Race 2017 is an ultra-racing motorcycle which is going to be made available only for those elite customers and racing life bearers. The HP4 is lightning fast and ferocious that are highly recommended to be handled by the professionally skilled riders. The BMW HP4 Race limited edition pours honey, into the ears once the engine is ignited, thanks to its inline four engine and super racing Akrapovic exhaust sound.

The BMW HP4 Race Include some crucial parts made up of carbon fibers and are weighing less. Remarkably, each piece of HP4 BMW is numbered and only 750 special edition handmade racing machines are being produced.

BMW HP4 race white side view


Outlook and design

The squint-eyed headlight of the S 1000RR is not seen on the BMW HP4 Race, though both the motorcycles are siblings. Rather, the BMW HP4 is sharpened by the streamline structure about its front view and is chiefly aerodynamic.

The Ram air split in the front with the perfectly shaped optimal visor of the HP4 Race keeps the wind blast away from the rider, while the HP4 is playing on the circuit.

The color schemes are very minimal, but are highlighted and special.

BMW HP4 Race Carbon fiber unit

The BMW HP4 Race has been put up in a serious diet plan to excel in the performance side by shedding its extra pounds. The frame, swingarm and the black alloy wheels of the HP4 is made up of carbon fibers, thereby reduces weight up to 4 Kgs as compared to the standard aluminium structures.

bmw hp4 race carbon fiber


The carbon fiber parts used are no way lesser than the aluminium parts and are tough and rigid.

HP4 Engine power

The inline four engine of the BMW HP4 limited edition generates about 215 HP of maximum power @ 14,500 RPM and 120 NM of peak torque @ 10,000 RPM. The gear ratios are short and crunchy.

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HP4 BMW Competes on MotoGp bikes

With the overall dry weight of 146 Kgs, the BMW HP4 Race is a masterpiece in the power to weight ratio concept. The carbon fiber frame of 7.8 Kgs and alloy wheels of 30 percent lighter than the aluminium wheels contribute majorly in the weight management.

BMW claims that the dry weight of 146 Kgs of HP4 is even lighter than the MotoGp super sports bikes.

BMW HP4 Race Top speed 

The HP4 Race is a pure racing sport bike even compared to the standard version S 1000RR. The weight management of the bike directly reflects in achieving insanely a top speed of 330 Kmph. The mileage terms are not considered as the machine is totally dedicated to speed and power.

Electronic features

It’s almost feels like the cockpit seat of the pilot, when you are on the HP4 BMW Race 2017, due to the innovative features of the electronic frame. The 2D dashboard records some of the crucial information about the bike for the rider and technical people.

bmw hp4 race 2d speedometer


The Weight optimized electrics, dynamic traction control and wheeli control are very sharp at their duty. In addition to this, a pre-defined speed limit can be fixed for each gear as per the rider’s requirement and skills.

This allows the ride to be on safer side while avoiding unnecessary wheelies and low tractions issues.


The front golden forks of the HP4 look rich and gorgeous. The FGR 300 inverted forks in the front and TTX 36 GP shock on the rear engage the rider to be for the track oriented performance.

bmw hp4 race damper

Both units of suspensions are Öhlins made, which is the most trusted brand of the MotoGp super sports bikes.


Brembo units of GP4 PR brake calipers with 320-T-Type discs of 6.75 mm come into action to stop the HP4 BMW. The Brembo units are superior in the braking part even at the top speed of

BMW HP4 Race white image

300 Kmph. Similar specs of brakes are engaged in the MotoGp racing machines.

The BMW HP4 specs like suspension and brake (Öhlins brand) are closer to the Specs of recently launched Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

HP4 Race colors

Light White, Racing Blue Metallic and Racing Red.

bmw hp4 race akrapovic exhaust


BMW HP4 Race price

Most eyebrows will raise after demanding the price of the HP4 Race, while very few will take a step ahead the bike. The HP4 Race price in India is way too high and can lead to prefer for other top models like Yamaha R6, CBR1000RR, MT 10, Kawasaki Z1000, KTM Super Duke.

bmw hp4 race side view

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