BMW HP4 Race Uses Use and through Engine life Engine oil


BMW HP4 Race Engine Life – 5000 Km

The BMW HP4 Race Specs are one of the big bite in the motorcycle industry, specifically those two wheels that are smashing the track on lap time. The BMW HP4 carbon fiber addition in the motorcycle makes it weigh less and keeps the palm to hold the throttle tightly.

The BMW HP4 Race now needs replacement of engine like the engine oil that are replaced at regular intervals.

bmw hp4 race carbon fiber

The 2017 BMW HP4 Race is now the talk of the town for the complete engine replacement and the engine life of the HP4 Race is said to be 12 track days or overall 5000 Km ride.

The engine replacement is a complete changeover every time for the BMW HP4 Race and the quotation for the engine replacement is not yet revealed. However, the replacement of the engine may be money spending.

The honey starts to boil in the ears of the listeners after the engine of the HP4 Race is triggered is due to the in line four cylinder and the association of the racing Akrapovic exhaust.

bmw hp4 race akrapovic exhaust

The BMW HP4 Race engine generates storming 215 HP as maximum power @ 14,500 RPM and 120 NM of peak torque @ 10,000 RPM.

Only 750 units of the BMW HP4 Race were made for the elite customers and the limited number of owners flowing currency towards the HP4 Race may now think about the regular engine replacement.

The Most crucial parts of the 2017 HP4 Race like frame, swingarm and the black alloy wheels are designed in the carbon fiber down regulating the weight of 4 Kgs.

bmw hp4 race limited edition 2017

The carbon fiber materials stuffed in the HP4 Race are tougher than the aluminium structures.

Dynamic traction control and wheeli control is the part of the digital console.

The pre-defined speed limit can be fixed for each gear section, based on the need of the rider.

The FGR 300 inverted forks in the front and TTX 36 GP shock on the rear are Öhlins suspension which is MotoGp oriented.

Light White, Racing Blue Metallic and Racing Red are the three colors offered in the BMW HP4 Race.

bmw hp4 race side view

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