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Benelli TNT 150 2017 patent images leaked – New Name Benelli BJ150-31

Benelli TNT 150 top speed

Benelli TNT 150 2017 patent images leaked

Benelli TNT 150 patent images leaked which is bound to the Asian customers. The Bike codenamed created is Benelli BJ150-31 and is self-explanatory. The paint schemes on the patent image clues a prototype to be produced yet and the production may take more time.

The design of the Benelli TNT 150 2017 is from QianJiang, the Chines owner of the company that owns Benelli. The Benelli TNT 150  is currently termed as ‘BJ150-31’ which is just a patent name only and will carry another name on production and launch.  

BJ – represents that the bike is going to be sold under the Benelli brand.

150 – the number denotes the engine capacity (150 cc) of the motorcycles.

31 – this represents that the this is the 31st design made.

Benelli TNT 150 2017

The last year the company filed a patent in the name of ‘BJ150-30’, which is for a full faired motorcycle. It is apparent that the Benelli TNT 150 will be made available in both the naked and full faired version.

The Benelli TNT 150  resembles the Duke 390 in its front and the rear resembles the Upcoming Yamaha M-SLAZ. The Benelli TNT 150  is an 150 cc segment bound motorcycles target for the Asian market and the engine capacity may be reduced to 125 cc to be sold in the European base.

Benelli TNT 150 top speed

Powering the Benelli TNT 150 is the single-cylinder, water-cooled engine, which is claimed to be new. The bike is expected to house the beam chassis which sounds like a steel than being aluminium.

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Up front is the upside down forks and the braking units are to be the petal shaped disc ones.

benelli 150

The motorcycles being patented points that the production is near soon and the Brand Benelli can take a huge round on launch by fixing the price attractive.

It is also noteworthy, the Benelli recently launched the Tornado 302R and still testing the 250 cc segment Scooter (Zafferano 250) and a cruiser.


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