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Aprilia SR 150 Price gets increase for New Adjustable suspension Update

Aprilia SR 150 Price gets increase for New Adjustable suspension Update


Aprilia SR 150 Price gets increase for Adjustable Suspension

Aprilia SR 150 gets an update in the suspension department and the amended version of SR 150 will be launched this December 2017. The Aprilia SR 150 is a dedicated performance scooter choose by the racing enthusiasts.

No doubt, that the SR 150 holds a special place in the field of scooter in India, since launch. The Scooter has a larger wheel size and the comfortable seating position and the exceptional performance for the daily commuting.

Aprilia SR 150 side look

However, the Aprilia SR 150 is complained for the stiffer suspension that bothers the riders to think of an alternative. The nature of the Aprilia SR 150 should be supported by the suitable suspension units, which the company is expected to look over.

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As the situation goes like this, reports on the internet base shows that the Aprilia is planning to address this suspension issue through an update. This may probably be the adjustable suspension to feature in the SR 150.

Furthermore, the updated version of Aprilia SR 150 will be available as a separate variant, but the update remains as a standard feature for the RACING EDITION of the SR 150.

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That’s all for the update expected to take place in the SR 150, while the remaining technical feature be as they are. The revision in the suspension is expected to price around INR 5000 – 6000.

Aprilia SR 150 Racing edition

Aprilia SR 150 specification

Currently the Aprilia 150 scooter gets a 154.8 cc engine capable of producing 10.25 BHP of maximum power and 11.4 NM of peak torque. The transmission duty is carried out by the CVT unit.

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The present suspension specification is the hydraulic telescopic in the front and the rear side gets a mono single sided shock.

The braking units of 220 mm disc in the front and the rear side is the 140 mm conventional drum brake. The 14 inch wheel size is one of the positive sides of the SR 150 that bring the smooth ride.

Aprilia SR 150 Racing edition

Aprilia SR 150 price

The Aprilia SR150 is priced at a range of INR 69,000 and the SR150 Race edition gets a price tag of INR 70,288 (ex-showroom price)

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