Apache Pro Performance X show record – Extreme Torture on Apache 200


Apache Pro Performance X 2017

TVS motors conducted an extreme stunt show on this Sunday 20th August called Apache Pro Performance X (APPx) for creating a record. The motorcycles used in this extreme 5 hour continuous show is the TVS Apache 200 4V.

The stunt show involved pulling wheelie, burnouts, twisting and other stunt arts.

Apache Pro Performance X 2017

The Apache Pro Performance X stunt ride included riders from five different reputed teams all around the country. In total, there were 15 riders performing the stunts on the Apache 200, who owns the privilege of training the Army soldiers for performing in the parade and national and international stunt show participants.

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The aim of the Apache Pro Performance X is perhaps to throw the lights on the TVS Apache 200 4V to withstand the extreme pressure and stress posed during the stunt.

Apache Pro Performance X 2017

Apache Pro Performance X Venue and duration

The stunt show was performed for a stretch of five hours starting from 12 pm and ended at 5 pm. The show was conducted in Express Avenue mall in Chennai surrounded by a huge fan and spectators.

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Apache Pro Performance X 2017

Performing a stunt show like this pressurise the motorcycle to reveal about its built quality and reliability, since a load of stress is put on the engine parts, braking systems, suspension, tyres and other essential structures like chassis.

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Apache Pro Performance X 2017

The reliability and the quality of the Apache 200 will be the take home message for the spectators.

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