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About Us

About Us is a web portal, that reviews and enjoys the motorcycles itself, in turn help the civic to buy or to know better about the two-wheeled machines. This is not one of the web that takes you through, we rather connect the motorcyclists with the right choice of bike to be owned. On the other hand, the world of websites is not visited every time for the point of purchase, but to know the happening of the present day in the world of motorcycle, where serves you with the latest news, tips, upcoming bikes and true bike reviews. is not a one stop shop or home, but acts like a long road, where it connects and invites bikers from various zone to meet each other and have quality time in knowing and discussing about the bikes flavours.

       The overflowing love and passion of biking made our Founder and Editor in chief, Dr. Rajasankar to inaugurated the platform, celebrating and sharing the passion with the co-bike lovers. The professional life of the author is just for feeding his motorcycles and spending for it.

Motorcycles are not just a point to point shifting matching, rather it is an identity of the person, fame to the personality, spice to the life. Motorcycles are not just machines, they do have heart, blood, muscle, skeleton, eyes, face, voice and all humanly parts. All this can be understood, only if you fall in love with the motorbikes, if not, stay in touch with the that will make your motorcycle even speak to you and have a long happy relationship throughout your lifetime. do not sell any products and do not receive money if you hit like, share or subscribe. This keeps us alive and be with you all time. Even the website designed is based on the instincts of the motorcyclists, and not taking the advice of any software concerns.

Dear bike addicts, we cordially invite you to the with pleasure.

“Come let’s have fun race, come let’s discuss, come let’s find what is new.”